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by Trey DeGrassi, Alpha Dog, In Cahoots with Canines

Trey and Mia
Mia the Puggle was the inspiration for the design of our In Cahoots with Canines t-shirts. This is Trey with her in 2013.

San Francisco is a town full of both dogs and dog walkers. Over the years, I have watched as many dog walkers take five or more dogs out to the park at the same time. I’m a firm believer in good socialization skills for any canine. But over time, I came to believe that the dogs were getting short-changed when they were out on a walk getting little to no attention because the walker was overwhelmed because they were caring for too many dogs at once. Our philosophy is different.

For many years, some of our friends’ pets had been coming regularly to our home to hang out with us or to go to the park when their primary caregivers had other priorities that needed their attention.

 I began to realizing that group dog walking was cheating dogs out of the special time they need when it’s just about them, and not the yappy Terrier from down the block.

Trey and Seymour Nap TimeAs we began to take care of other people’s dogs, our bond with these animals became so strong—and their care so important to Kirk and myself—that we decided to make taking care of animals part of our life’s work. And we decided to do things a little bit differently. We wanted to provide the most intimate care possible for people and their pets by striving to maintain and build upon familiar routines and places in their pet’s life. And we worked hard to give them every ounce of attention we had to give—one on one. 

Our care includes everything from a once a week two-hour play date to everyday walking, feeding and grooming. We also have found that many people appreciate being able to have their pet cared for at home rather than at a kennel when they are vacationing or out of town, so we provide that service as well.

Trey and Seymour

Please note that we do not list any prices for our services here on the website. That is because we believe every client’s situation is unique and there are no set fees for any one service. We do everything we can to meet the client’s needs and make sure the cost is comfortably within their budget. After all, unconditional love from your pet is valuable too. We will work with you to provide the care you need at a price you can afford. And we can assure you that not only will your dog be given extreme amounts of time and affection, but you—as their guardian— will undoubtedly come away with quite a bit more cash in your pocket.

If you want to find out more, please fill out the Contact Form.

Two People and a Dog
Kirk, Beau and Trey in July 2006.