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Q: Can you help me with the problems I am having with my dog?

A: Absolutely. We are very skilled in many techniques to deal with issues such as excessive barking, resource guarding, leash pulling, messing up the home with urination or other issues, and dealing with dogs who seem to have general anxiety—perhaps even more so while the owner is gone. Usually we find that the root cause is that many people are afraid of disciplining their dogs.

We believe in a strong, loving demeanor which arises from my utilizing the three components of dog care (in the order they should be addressed):

•  Exercise

•  Discipline

•  Affection

We have found that the majority of pet owners with limited time to care for and love their pets, bypass the first two and go right to affection because they fear that their pet won’t love them if they are “too hard” on them. If you exercise your dog in an appropriate manner and amount of time (45 minutes at least once, but preferably twice a day), and then discipline them by insisting that they play by the rules you have set up for your household, you’ll have a much happier pet in the long run. We will be happy to plan out this type of approach for you personally as part of the overall care we strive to give all the dogs in our lives.

Q: Why don’t you have prices for your services listed on your website?

A: Feel free to send us a note and request approximate pricing. We also have a list of current and former clients who would be more than happy to recommend us or talk with you personally. Also, Kirk and I have been doing this work for nearly 10 years and our clients and friends know that our care is superior to other services, and they tell us about it often. Plus, we can guarantee that we will give you a better deal than any other dog-walking or pet-sitting service. We also have a range of clients with varying means and we do our best to meet everyone’s needs while sticking within an affordable budget. We also make good package deals on multiple walks per week or multiple days staying with your pet, whether it’s at our place, or yours.

Q: Do you board dogs?

A: Sometimes we have the ability to keep your dog with us at our apartment. That usually means dogs under 40 pounds because we live in a typical San Francisco studio (think 510 square feet). However, we have kept both a 65-pound Boxer and a 45-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback—at the same time—more than once in fact. But they are very well behaved except for the part of taking up most of the bed and being not unlike immovable stone statues once they get into the bed.

Q: Do you have a specific service area?

A: Our dog walking is limited to the San Francisco city limits unless you hire us to come to you outside of the city where an arrangement has been made in advance. We do not have a car so our dog sojourns take place using the bus or in a Lyft or Uber.

Q: Can you give my pet medications while I am on vacation or unavailable?

A: Absolutely. Trey’s dog Indy had Addison’s Disease for many years which required him to give her oral medication and injections. Part of the discussion we will have with you at your place will include a history and medical problems that will need to be cared for, and we will insist on having access to your pet’s medical information, as well as contact numbers for your veterinarian and another person we can call in case of emergency and you can’t be reached.

Q: Can you give some idea of the daily rate for staying with my dog at my house while I am out of town or on vacation?

A: Of course. Our overnight rates are typically 50% less than kennels or other places where dogs are boarded. That means anywhere from $35 to $70 a night for 24-hour care, feeding, walking and if necessary, giving them medications. Plus they’ll be absolutely smothered in love and kisses, AND they get to sleep in the bed with us—something that we all love!

Q: Do you do behavioral modification or training?

A: We are not professional trainers, but after 12 years of taking care of dogs, we know dogs pretty well. In addition, Trey has been fortunate to work as volunteer for many years at the San Francisco SPCA including working with Puppy Manners classes, a time when it’s essential that you ingrain good habits in your dog.

Rarely is there a persnickety or finicky pooch who acts up in our presence. Trey is a strong Alpha Male and does not let them get away with anything. Whether it’s leash training for “pullers,” feeding or food-related issues, separation anxiety, excessive vocalization, or acting out at the park with other dogs, we take the time to address and correct behaviors which are counter to your pet’s well-being.

We both have a strong, steady hands, as well as a calm assertive demeanor, and there’s never been a single dog that we have cared for who ever managed to give us a hard time—even the ones whose owners often say that their pet is sensitive or shy (or any of 15 other adjectives to describe behavioral problems), they still give us the respect we command and demand. In fact, if we had $10 for every pet guardian who warned me that their pet had a bad temper (or whatever they warn us about) and how the dog might ****** one of us, we would be living in Crete or something. Typically what happens is that those dogs are like all the others with us— they end up lying in one of our laps or on Trey’s feet once they become aware of our low tolerance for behavioral acting out.

Feel free to message us and ask any questions that might help you and your pet live a happy, fulfilled life!

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