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Kirk and Trey are dog gurus and work with dogs having all sorts of temperaments and they seem to have some kind of magical connection with my dogs Sydney and Seymour. They also left my house cleaner than it was when they arrived here. Kudos! Oh, and the prices are well under what the market will bear for this kind of service.
— Daniel Jackson

Trey has performed a sort of dog exorcism on my Poodle who has a running brood going on with his Labrador Retriever housemate. For the last two years, our dogs were territorial and marking the entire downstairs hallway with urine and feces. Trey came in for a week, watched them like a hawk while we were on vacation, and then passed on some really good tips to me about maintaining an alpha status over my dogs and not allowing them to walk all over me. It took us a few months of rigorous practice, but they have been broken of these disgusting and annoying habits and I’m so elated! Thanks guys!
— Andrea Kuhl

My dog Murphy loved his weekend getaway. Glad to have become clients. Thank you!
— Sarav Human

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